Who is an Influencer?

I am so glad you asked. Influencers are those with the ability to influence the action or others. In life we call their influence word of mouth. Online we call it e-word of mouth.

Social media influencers fall into 2 categories:

Organic e-WOMM

These people have less than 5K and are known as brand advocates. When working with organic e-WOMM there is likely no payment and no contract.

Paid e-WOMM

These people have more than 5K followers. There are 5 categories of paid e-WOMM.

  1. Nano (5-10k followers)
  2. Micro (10 – 50k followers)
  3. Mid-Level (50 – 100k followers)
  4. Macro (100k followers)
  5. Celebrity (those who’s fame is amassed through traditional media)

While we all hold influence with our own following. Influencers are those who through monetization of their followings are able to change the actions and behaviors of others through the content they create on social media.

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