Influencer logic refers to the emerging role of influencer relations within communications. The job and the specific skills and competencies it requires.

This is a term I have added to a nomenclature of job roles within communication departments. My capstone study identified a gap within the ecology of roles within communication and added “influencer relations” to the nomenclature of “logics” within communication departments.

The aim was to test if influencer relations fit within the communication department logic as previously identified by Grabher (2002) who established the terms “business logic”, “scientific logic”, and “artistic logic” and “technical logic” as identified by Takemura. The overwhelming answer was that while influencer relations borrows from these roles, it is itself a separate and distinct role requiring “influencer logic”.

My study found 70% of communication professionals and 80% of influencers felt that influencer relations was a separate and distinct role that while it might borrow from the established roles it is unique.

I strongly recommend making influencer relations a role or even department within your communications team. These are specialists. It is not just a role within a job description but an entirely new position within communications.

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