Who should manage influencers within a communication department?

This question inspired my research into the topic of influencer relations. While working at the CBC I wanted to use influencers to help promote documentary programming. This idea was met with:

Them: Sounds like a good idea… but it’s not your job.

Me: OK then, I need to first figure out who’s job this is, and then I can do it?

Them: Yes, if you can figure out who will support this then you can do it.

This conversation started the 3 year influencer hot potato. I chased this idea all around the CBC but ultimately I couldn’t action it because there wasn’t clarity about who would take it on.

Does your company have this issue? Is working with influencers a hot potato?

Well, I sort of did some primary research on this and I’ve got the answers:

  1. Influencer relations is its own unique job (it’s not just a line in a job description)
  2. It should be managed in-house (outsourcing is a bad idea)
  3. PR professionals are most adept at influencer relations (not marketing)

Let me help you put an end to the influencer hot potato in your organization.

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