What is #realstagram? And how did it start?

#realstagram really hit it’s stride in 2019. And it has some interesting Canadian connections. 

This is a movement where people show not just their ideal selves on social media but their real selves. This means unfiltered, not edited, not perfect times. They go on camera without make-up, they talk about stuff that’s got them down, they talk about what’s really happening in their lives… not just the comfortable good feels but the uncomfortable stuff too.

The movement officially started in 2018 when former bachelorette (who is Canadian!) @kaitlynbristow a raw photo of herself and talked about how she was really feeling including being exhausted, hard to be around, and not even having the energy to shower. Saying she didn’t care that it would mess up her feed and challenged her followers to mix in some #realstagram moments every once and a while. 

Well, this movement has taken off in a big way, and given creators permission to talk not just about the perfect but the imperfect moments on social media. It is permission to post a photo that’s not flattering… and that’s kind of the point. 

I love another Canadian Sarah Nicole Landry @thebirdspapaya who is a body positivity activist is the poster girl for this movement. She is unguarded and is unapologetic about being herself and loving the skin she is in. Bring on the jelly belly and cellulite. She talks about her divorce, depression, eating disorders and also the power we all have to change this conversation.

I am looking forward to hearing her speak @the_atelier_collective in February in Niagara. It’s amazing how authenticity is healing. It helps everyone. 

Creators have adopted #realstagram and in 2020 I hope more brands will consider using it’s power to talk about their blemishes, to talk to those who need to see different realities represented. 

If you need inspiration just look at what @knixwear brand has done. They say they are “on a mission to inspire all women to live unapologetically free.” Sound farmillar? Well Sarah Nicole Landry is kind of ALSO their poster girl. But really they have nailed it… truly and bravely showing women’s curves… a brand by women for women. They have partnered with influencers who are truly living their real, no perfect lives for everyone to see. 

Being perfect is boring… being real is brave. Is your brand brave? 

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