Baking increases 71% during covid-19

COVID-19 Baking and Social Media

You could say baking is having a moment right now on social media! Twitter Canada recently released a stat that there was a 71% increase in baking and dessert as a topic of discussion during March 2020 on their platform.

If my personal instagram feed is any indication than this is also true on Instagram. I’ve made up with carbs. We are rock-steady during this crazy time and it seems I’m not the only one.

Flour, yeast, baking powder, and other staples are out of stock in many stores. People are pulling out grandma’s recipes and baking from scratch or experimenting with baking hacks as a way to pass the time, find an escape & lift our loved ones’ spirits.

This is baking’s moment. And where are the companies who supply flour, sugar, carnation milk or ready-made mixes? Well, it appears they are stuck in their own pre-Covid content calendars. They are NOT using UGC and they are NOT talking about #covidbaking.

I took a look at Betty Crocker; Lantic Sugar; Robin Hood Canada; Duncan Hines on Instagram and they are missing their golden moment to connect! They need to get out of the monologue and have a dialogue with those who are talking about their products.

This would be a natural time to leverage the content creation influencers offer. There might never be a better time to grow your following and to help deliver important messaging to consumers about supply. It’s not the time for pretty stock photography that doesn’t tell the narrative of what’s happening right now. It’s a time to build relationships based in THIS reality.

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