About Influencer Logic

Founded in 2019, Influencer Logic was born out of the idea that influencer relations is an emerging specialty within communications practice. Shannon spent 3 years researching influencer relations best practices (so you don’t have to).

Get answers to the questions: 

  • Who should do Influencer Relations? 
  • Who is good at Influencer Relations? 
  • And most importantly – how is Influencer Relations done? 

Regardless of where you are at with your influencer strategy or #partner strategy, Influencer Logic can offer a clear road map to effective influencer relations.

How Does the Process Work?

Influencer programs can be expensive. Before you spend a dime, let’s make sure you have the right tools in your tool box. Here is how the Influencer Logic process works:

  • Diagnosis

    A 15 minute phone call to determine current knowledge gaps, challenges, and pin-point desired outcomes.

  • Prescription

    Based on our phone call I will send you customized information on recommended keynote talks, workshops or strategy packages.

  • Course

    Based on your desired learning outcomes choose from a keynote speech, ½ day workshop, a package of 1:1 coaching sessions, or Influencer strategy consulting package.

Meet the

Leader of The Flock

Shannon Gallagher is the founder of Influencer Logic, an educational consultancy that helps brands and influencers create more harmonious relationships with each other.

In 2019, Shannon graduated from the McMaster-Syracuse University Masters of Communications Management program (MCM). Her capstone research – Influencer Logic: How Influencer Relations Works – delved into the questions: What influencer relations is? Where does it fit within communication practice? And who is good at managing it?

For 12 years, Shannon worked in public relations and marketing for North American Broadcast Media (ABC/CTV (Bell Media)/CBC). At CTV and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation  (CBC) Shannon worked with an extensive roster of on-air talent. She was passionate about helping them develop their social media followings, helping them tell their own stories, and positioning them as brand ambassadors for their networks and programs. Looking back, she was already coaching influencers (of a more traditional sort) on how to build great relationships with their audiences.

In addition to completing her MCM Shannon holds a BA in Media Information and Technoculture from Western University and a certificate of intensive study of Globalization and International Affairs from Bard College in New York City.

In addition to her work at Influencer Logic, Shannon is an adjunct professor at Centennial College teaching social media to public relations students. She lives in Toronto, Canada.  She is married, and is the mom of two adorable girls. 

Influencer Logic Timeline

Why Hire Influencer Logic?

  1. Increase ROI on influencer campaigns
  2. Build stronger long-term sponsored content relationships
  3. Avoid mistakes influencers and communicators make in their relationships

this we believe....

Influencer Logic's MISSION:

Influencer Logic’s objective is to assist influencers and brands in brokering more successful relationships through influencer relations education that is based on a standard set of rules of engagement known as The 12 Phases of Effective Influencer Relations

Influencer Logic is committed to helping bring mutual understanding between these two groups allowing for more harmony in partnerships and better ROI for both. Influencer Logic will assist both parties in removing limiting possibilities through teaching, coaching, and strategy development.

Influencer Logic's Vision:

 Influencer Logic believes that working with influencers is the future of public relations practice. Using this foundational vision, Influencer Logic is committed to helping retrain instream public relations professionals and prepare today’s public relations students to conduct with confidence the job role of influencer relations specialist. 

Secondly, Influencer Logic believes that we must reframe the influencer relations function as an internal specialty that every brand regardless of industry of scope should have on their internal communication team. And, that though the creation of this internal specialty we set-up an environment in which long-term, mutually communal relationships between brands and influencers can thrive.

Influencer Logic's Values:

Thought Leadership 

Influencer Logic has been founded based on research (both primary and secondary). As an educational consultant specializing in the area of influencer relations sharing the latest research and trends in the area as a thought leader is a foundational value. 

Exceptional Communication

Influencer Logic is committed to exceptional communication. Exhibiting clear, honest, and timely communication is inherent in all client or audience relationships we undertake.


Influencer Logic will empower clients with the knowledge to succeed. We teach through empowerment (not ownership). Each client’s or influencer’s roadmap is unique and will be walked forward by them or their team. Influencer Logic aims to empower those within your organization will continue to stoke the creation of successful influencer/brand relationships over the long-term.